Scouts go camping!

Activity Day/Night Hike -23rd-24th November 2019 – Lees Wood, Fir Tree Hill, Chandlers Cross, Rickmansworth WD3 4LY – 6 Troops attended – numbers probably down because it was a very wet weekend.  The Activity Day, including archery, shooting, orienteering and pioneering (changed to Sedan chair due to the weather conditions) was held on the first day and the night hike the next day which worked better.

Here are the results of the various competitions:


1st – 6th Eastcote (17.1 average score)
6th Northwood (15.8)
1st Northwood (14.4)
4th Eastcote (10.0)
12th Ruislip (7.9)
4th Ruislip (6.0)

District Archer – VD, 6th Eastcote (31)



1st – 4th Eastcote (8.8 average score)
6th Eastcote (7.3)
6th Northwood (6.1)
4th Ruislip (5.3)
12th Ruislip (5.0)
1st Northwood (3.7)

District Marks Winners – (21)
AH- 6th Eastcote,
CH – 1st Northwood
WD – 4th Ruislip


1st – 1st Northwood – Team B (9mins including penalties)
4th Eastcote (17mins)
1st Northwood – Team A (17.5mins)
6th Eastcote Team B (20 mins)
6th Eastcote – Team A (20 mins)
12th Ruislip – Team B (23 mins)
6th Northwood – Team B (23 mins)
12th Ruislip – Team A (31.5 mins)
4th Ruislip (35 mins)
6th Northwood – Team A (DNF)


1st – 4th Ruislip (3mins 15secs including penalties)
12th Ruislip (3mins 21secs)
6th Northwood (3mins 50secs)
6th Eastcote (3mins 58secs)
1st Northwood (DNF)
4th Eastcote (DNF)

*Pioneering competition reverted to Sedan Chair due to weather conditions.


Chilly Goat Challenge: 10-12th January 2020 – Phasels Wood

10 Troops attended – one from outside REN.  64 Young People enjoyed the challenge, supported by 22 Adults.  Congratulations to 2nd Northwood, they won the challenge for the third year in a row with 6th Eastcote coming a close second.