Young Leaders in REN

Congratulations to the 22 young leaders who have completed their training recently. The training encompassed module A which is the compulsory safeguarding module and covered the others with a series of practical sessions on how to run different types of games, listening to others, understanding behaviour and dealing with disabilities.

They have all been awarded the Young Leaders badge to wear on their uniform and a woggle which they can wear either with their Explorer scarf or Group scarf. As Young Leaders they should all wear a scarf so if they are not a member of one of the Explorer Units could section leaders or GSL’s ensure they are given a Group Scarf.

They can now work towards four ‘missions’. These encourage the Young Leader to get involved in their section by helping to plan and run games and other activities and by having an input in the terms programme planning. Please encourage your young leaders to get involved with these. When a mission is complete they should email a short summary of what they have done so that we can award them a mission badge. Anything they have done during the past six months can count towards the appropriate mission. These fit round the Young Leaders Badge on their uniform.

We will be running sessions in the spring and autumn terms (avoiding the exam season in the summer). I know of a few who have missed out this time so will be in touch with them but if you know of a young leader who has not been invited to the sessions please let me know.

Young Leaders from outside the movement who are helping for a short time as part of their D of E volunteering section and will leave once they have completed it still need to cover the safeguarding element of the training so please get in touch so that we can arrange to see them on their first evening.

See the four missions at:

Paul Catchpole, ESL (YL)