You Shape 2017



Take the pledge

We want all sections in REN to take the pledge to get the youth and adults working in partnership to shape Scouting.

By signing the pledge, the section achieves the bronze level of youth involvement. Continuing to work together and with the Local Youth Commissioners will earn your section the silver and gold levels.

Check out the factsheet and download the pledge to print off and sign.


Meeting and activity ideas

For YouShape month, dedicate one of your meetings in February to engaging your young people in their Scouting futures. Generate ideas for your future programmes and events in a fun and engaging way. You can also use this meeting to take the YouShape pledge.

18 games and activities for all sections is available in this Activity Inspirations booklet.

Sample meeting plans have been prepared for each section:


Youth Forums

February is also the month in which we will host the first ever REN Youth Forums, collecting ideas and thoughts from young people throughout the district. Attendance also counts as part of the requirements for the Teamwork Challenge Award. The aims are to get young people from all groups working together and shaping future events and activities.

We are looking for two members of each Colony, Pack and Troop to join us on the 18th February at 12th Ruislip, Mount Pleasant. Please choose two responsible young people from your section to help us shape Scouting in REN. We will have soft drinks, nibbles plus loads of games and each forum is only an hour in length.

The Beavers’ forum will be from 1230 until 1330.
The Cubs’ forum will be from 1400 until 1500.
The Scouts’ forum will be from 1530 until 1630.
All held at 12th Ruislip, Mount Pleasant, Ruislip, HA4 9HQ.
Parking is available and parents are welcome to stay.

We will run the Explorer event on another day due to other commitments on the district programme and their forum taking a different format.

Please confirm to that you will have representatives from your section attending. We don’t need names, but if someone tells you they can no longer make it, please try to find a replacement.

Finally, if any leaders would be willing to help us out for any of the forums please let us know. More hands are always welcome.



All adults and young people who take part can wear the official uniform badge. If you signed up with the district before the 22nd January, the district will buy these for you. Otherwise they are available to purchase from Scout Shops.

Some of the activities in the programmes above link to activity badges. Information on which ones is in the Activity Inspiration booklet