Programme Ideas – Fun

Programme Ideas -Fun

Below are links to some Programme Ideas that you can use on on Zoom to assist you in running meetings. There are some fun games and presentations linked to badge work. Most of these are PowerPoint presentations which can be edited to your individual groups. It is best to view the PowerPoints in slide show mode as many are interactive so you can gauge how they work. Good Luck.

Fun and Games

Guess the Animal Quiz  Beavers and Cubs

Beavers memory game

Fruit and veg   Beavers and Cubs

Autumn dobble   Beavers

Kim’s Game Powerpoint    Cubs and Scouts

Roll a Picasso Face   Beavers Cubs and Scouts you will need a dice to roll

Arm pit fudge  Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

Scouts Online – Catchphrase   Cubs and Scouts

Christmas & New Year Taskmaster  Cubs and Scouts fun but also will help out for pack/Troop forum

Answer Smash all  Cubs and Scouts

colours to shout out    Cubs and Scouts

Family Fortunes  Cubs and Scouts. print out for yourself the answers!!!

Connect 4  Cubs and Scouts