Programme Ideas – Activities

Programme Ideas -Activities

Below are links to some Programme Ideas that you can use on on Zoom to assist you in running meetings. There are some fun games and presentations linked to badge work. Most of these are PowerPoint presentations which can be edited to your individual groups. It is best to view the PowerPoints in slide show mode as many are interactive so you can gauge how they work. Good Luck.

Scouting Activities

Scout association website for ideas for all sections

1st Digital new website, new and growing ideas for all sections

Flag break For Cubs and Scouts to start and end each meeting

Get going this Spring and be a GLMW Go Getter  All sections GLMW Badge for Spring term, badges can be ordered from Karen Tempest

GLMW Get fit in Feb Badge

Every Month Under Canvas-EMUC (1)

Digital citizen Stage 1    Digital citizen Stage 2    Digital Citizen Prep Work


Chinese New Year Quiz  All sections

World Scout badge presentation  all sections

Beaver Scouts 5 Animals (1)  Beavers Outdoor Challenge

Beaver Promise in BSL

Beaver Scouts around the world

Beavers International Activity Badge ppt

Comparing Irish and UK Beaver Scouts  World Challenge and International badge


Beavers Healthy Eating Quiz

Beavers Experiment Badge

Beavers Safety badge fire presentation v1

Beavers Safety badge fire presentation v1 Beavers Cyclist skill 1

Beavers My World Challenge

Beavers – Gardener Activity Badge

Beavers Spy Missions     Code cracking

Beavers & Cubs Food Around the World!

Beavers Water Safety   Also Cubs

Water safety quiz     Beavers and Cubs

Story of Saint Patrick Beavers & Cubs linked with Kahoots below

St Patrick main kahoot    St Patrick other kahoot

Bugs week  Beavers and Cubs

The Countryside Code  Beavers and Cubs

FIRE STATION virtual tour & Fire Safety at HOME  Beavers and Cubs

Pirate Island Escape  Beavers


Trees Kahoot Quiz

Countryside Code Kahoot quiz

Looking after your Teeth  Beavers and Cubs

Teeth Quiz to go with Power Point  Beavers & Cubs

Disability Awareness Part one  Beavers and Cubs

Disability Awareness-Part 2 (2)  Beavers and Cubs

Disability Kahoot quiz

Emergency Aid 1

Navigator Staged 1 Badge

scene of accident  Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

First Aid Kahoot quiz

An Introduction to Cubs

Comparing Irish and UK Cub Scouts

Jungle Book Kahoot Quiz

Cub Chef Activity Badge- with answers

Cub Grid References

Cub Road Safely Badge

Cubs Fire Safety Badge

Cubs Personal Safety (2)

Cubs Personal safety Rail & Roads

Cubs Personal Safety Codes Fireworks and Water Safety

Cub World Challenge Award – India

Cubs International Making Your Own Country

Cubs science badge chem, phys. bio

Cubs Personal Safety

Cubs or Scouts Knots

Cubs Astronomer Badge Zoom Meeting

Cut out link for Cubs Astronomer badge

Cubs Fitness and Sports evening


Cub Hike Preperation

RSPB Birdwatch  All sections kahoot

Cubs RSPB Bird watch Recognising birds and explaining RSPB Birdwatch last weekend January

Cubs Recycling   based in Newcastle but still relevant

Green Cross Code Beavers & Cubs use this to check knowledge greencrosscode3quiz

panda-code-cracking-1 (1) for cubs  also download this panda-suspects

Cub Chef Badge – LVHarry Potter Contour maps for Cubs

Healthy Food and Exercise1 could be all sections


online-safety-quiz-ks Questions  all sections can send out or do online online-safety-quiz-answers

map-reading  Cubs and Scouts

Tent Pitching modern type  Cubs and Scouts

Map Symbol Kahoot quiz

Knots and Lashings Kahoot Quiz

The Scout Law

Scouts name that constellation!

Constellations Kahoot Quiz

Patrol Tents Kahoot Quiz

NASA Exercise Scouts

Oceans Quiz   Scouts

CAMPING Scouts      Scouts parts of Camping and Outdoors Badges

What’s in a name Marketingpptx  Scouts Digital Citizen

Scouts International Questions

Stop MotionUN SDG15 – Deforestation   Scouts world issue

Scout Badge Quiz

Scouts Skills- Diet and Sleep

Scouts Skills- Smoking drugs & alcohol _ Millionaire (1)  Who wants to be a Millionaire are style

Health quiz to follow Powerpoint   Kahoot quiz for Diet and Sleep

Scouts The Dragons Apprentice Scouts Team task like the apprentice