The Great 6th Eastcote Duck Race!

Sunday 29th September 2019 proved to be wonderful weather for ducks!  The 6th Eastcote Executive Committee decided that our major fundraiser for the year would be a Duck Race on the River Pinn in Ruislip.  All sections of the Group, Monday Beavers, Tuesday Beavers, Cubs and Scouts were tasked with the selling of the ducks with small prizes to the member of each section that sold the most ducks and ten prizes for the sponsors of the ducks.

Apart from the weather, the afternoon was a great success.  1,500 ducks were seen swimming down the River Pinn, encouraged by group members and their parents, Scouters and members of the Executive.  No ducks were harmed or lost during the race and all have been safely returned to their winter quarters, to rest and recuperate whilst the Executive and Scouters returned home with a warm, albeit damp, glow, having secured another year of providing 6th Eastcote young people with skills for life!