Online Scout Manager

Across the County, we have decided to provide OSM for all sections.  It allows you to manage members’ details including contact and badge records, in a simple and straightforward way that can be accessed by all in your section leadership team and while complying with all data protection requirements.  We made it available to everyone within our District some years ago and most sections are already using it.  The process of switching from the District to County subscription should be straightforward, as is the process for setting up a new section.

If you are using the District subscription and the admin account has access to your settings, we will do the update for you so you can ignore the email you will get from Karen Tempest next week.  If that account does not have access or you are not already using OSM, you’ll need to reply to Karen.

We will be providing OSM training at the next drop-in evening, so look out for the date in the next newsletter.