Congratulations to Edd Greer, James Laszcz and James Nicholas, who have been awarded their Queen’s Scout Award in the last year and will be attending the national parade at Windsor while we are on our St George’s Day Parade.

A big thank you and congratulations to the following adults who have been awarded the Silver Acorn for their exceptional service to Scouting:

Paul Akers, Group Chairman, 1st Northwood

Paul Busby, ACSL, 6th Eastcote

Jill Lanning, ABSL, 6th Eastcote and DBSL


And to the following for being awarded the Bar to the Award for Merit:

Roy Lanning, Chairman, 6th Eastcote

Andrew Mace, ACSL, 6th Eastcote


And the Award for Merit:

Mike Bennett, GSL, 1st Northwood

David Burkett, ASL, 12th Ruislip

Simon Dyke, SL, 12th Ruislip

John Field, SL, 1st Eastcote

Janet Fisher, Appointments Secretary

David Horchover, Media Development Manager

Doug Horgan, AESL, Poindextor

Teresa Lattimer, ASL, 1st/3rd Ruislip

Pat Lee, BSL, 12th Ruislip

Jon Miller, SL, 1st Northwood

Ken Turner, CSL, 4th Ruislip